The shown punches are made mainly for heavy-duty punches.

All punches with cutting-Ø 3,0 – 7,5 mm have a shank of Ø 8,0 or 10,0 mm.

The medium sizes from cutting-Ø 8,0 – 9,5 mm have a shank of Ø 12,0 mm.

Big sizes from cutting-Ø 10,0 – 12,0 mm are made with a shank of Ø 16,0 mm.



Advantages of ERB Drill Bits

  • Made with heavy-duty tool steel, especially produced for Rehfuss Company and developed in cooperation with Thyssen Krupp Steel. This guarantees a long tool life, a high edge retention and reduces risk of breakage
  • Optimized geometry at the passage from section to shank, as well to reduce risk of breakage
  • Special developed method for inner processing increases stability and is unique worldwide
  • All known coatings are available from us
  • Certified producer according to DIN EN ISO 9001 with quality management department