Company history

  • Founded in 1903 by Karl Rehfuss
  • 50 employees
  • Producer of paper- and rubber drill bits, punching tools, tools for the powder metallurgy and sintered ceramics
  • After World War I, it was built up as a supplier of the seal- and plastic industry by his son, Ernst Rehfuss
  • After the death of Ernst Rehfuss in 1967 his son Kurt Rehfuss took over the company in the third generation
  • Starting in 1970 the Rehfuss Company also specialised in the field of powder metallurgy and ceramics and also produced the worldwide known ERB Paper Drill Bits
  • In 2007 the company was sold to the long-time CEO Edgar Zimmermann and his sons Gunnar and Torsten Zimmermann
  • Today, the Rehfuss Company with its 50 highly motivated employees and modern equipment is an efficient specialist that successfully sells its high quality products to customers around the globe